Special processes

Heat Treatment (NADCAP approved)

Heat treatment of 12% Chrome steels, 18/8 stainless steel, Titanium alloys, Nickel alloys and Cobalt alloys.

All furnaces automatically controlled with instrumentation regularly serviced and calibrated.

In house approval of data cards for the various treatments which enables shorter lead times.

In house hardness test for verification of treatment results.

Processes covered – Hardening and tempering, solution treatments, precipitation hardening, normalising, annealing, stress relieving and post chrome plate.

All processes are NADCAP approved, on an 18 month merit basis.

The upmost care is taken on all parts processed, including ultrasonic degreasing prior to treatment and protective coatings used during treatment to prevent corrosion and surface scaling.

Non-destructive testing

  • NADCAP and Rolls Royce approved
  • Fluorescent penetrant – Post Emulsified System, to the requirements of MIL. STD. 410
  • All parts are ultrasonically degreased prior to processing
  • Maximum component Dia 460mm

All processes are NADCAP (on an 24 month merit basis) as required by the aero industry.

Hardness Testing

Two Wilson-Rockwell hardness testers are available.

Special Processes:

Spark Erosion
· x4 machines
· Table size up to 810 x
  710 mm (100amps)
· Accuracy up to 0.03mm
Part Marking
· Inkject DPM
· Standard DPM
Heat Treatment
· Range from 150 to
  1,100 degree
· Including Shot blasting