Inspection and Quality

The aim of the company is to be the preferred supplier for its customers, by recognizing their need for 'on time' deliveries and to meet that need with the highest quality, finished components.

It is the policy of the company to establish, maintain and continually improve an effective and efficient quality assurance system, including a framework to identify quality objectives which meet the requirements of EN ISO 9001 / AS 9100 rev C. This is planned and developed in conjunction with our other management functions.

We are committed to continually improving our Quality System and have a fully integrated inspection department which blends experienced and highly skilled personnel with the very latest in equipment and procedures. To this end, Gauge R+R and 'Right First Time' are just some of the processes we implement. Our process is broken down into key steps. The first is an assessment of the quality of products at the first inspection. Next, an 'in process' inspection is performed, as well as a final 100% inspection, which is carried out on our two CMMs with fully articulated probes and Laser Scan Micrometer. Finally, a customer 'eyes over' check is performed on every component, before being sent to the packing department.

Broadway Engineering Quality Management System Policy (PDF, 78kb)

The final stage of manufacture is the packing and preservation of our products, which is a key factor in our quality assurance process; ensuring the product arrives to the customer in as perfect a condition as when it left the factory.

Customer approvals include:

Rolls Royce 01622 (PDF, 81kb)
Rolls Royce Deutschland 104030/08 (PDF, 3.9mb)
AS9100 C 00328-N (PDF, 153kb)
Bombardier SB/VC/071 (PDF, 471kb)
Mettis Aerospace 428 (PDF, 28kb)
NADCAP Heat Treatment 3996183820 (PDF, 107kb)
NADCAP NDT 3996164997 (listed on (PDF, 95kb)
Thomson Aerospace TMT1147 (PDF, 37kb)
Carnaud Metalbox